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How to proceed



You can make researches on our website, or send a list of topics to one of our researchers or make an appointment to come in our offices to do your researches.


You can watch digitized clips on line or arrange an appointment with one of our researchers to come and view our documents in our offices. You can also place your order for viewing directly via our database.


We always supply as a first step, a screener with burnt in time-code to help you to make a selection. (You can place your order for copies directly via our database). Once you have completed your off-line edit, just send us the time codes of the clips selected for final edit.

Final edit

Once you have completed your off-line edit, just forward the time codes of the clips selected (references and time codes you can fill in directly via our database). We will then supply a file for edition or a master copy with the clips of your selection. The license fees are calculated per minute according to the clips required.

Purchase orders

All orders have to be paid before we can send the material (file or master tape). Once your final edit is done, GP archives requires a viewing copy of your program. Master copies must be returned to us after editing.


We charge per collection, one minute minimum and then each 30 seconds from 2nd minute. See our rates card.

Terms of sale

See our terms and conditions


Except prior agreement, Gaumont or Pathé logo will be on screen.